Never Out™ Vendor Managed Inventory Solutions

Never Out™ Vendor Managed Inventory Solutions

Complete MRO inventory stocking solutions.

Custom tailored MRO inventory stocking solutions.

You need an experienced MRO partner who understands how to evaluate and deliver professional grade, high quality products.

At LGI Industrial & Construction Supplies we are your source for professional grade MRO supplies in Western Canada.

“When companies evaluate cost-drivers within their organisation, often MRO costs are overlooked, as costs historically are only on average 20% of the total cost of goods sold (COGS) for a typical company. At the same time “MRO processing costs typically represent 80% of the organisation’s total processing costs.”

You’re Busy

You Need to Maintain MRO Inventory

You Need Support

You Need a Partner

We’ve Got You!

LGI® Never Out™ – We’ve Got You!

The LGI® Never Out™ VMI Solutions are complete customizable MRO stock management services.
We relieve the burden of MRO supplies management and can provide ALL the consumable products you need to be successful in business.


  • Automatic Order Management
  • Reduce Purchase Requisition Time
  • Personal Site Service
  • Accurate On-site Min/Max Maintenance
  • Maintain Stocking Area Cleanliness
  • Put Away Stock


  • Eliminate Expensive Downtime Associated With Back orders
  • Eliminate Freight/Will Call Time
  • Price List Based On Annual Sales
  • Contract Pricing
  • Consolidated Invoice
  • Reduce Account Payable Time


  • No More Stock Outs
  • Guaranteed On-site Stock
  • Regular LGI® Product Review
  • Regular MFR Product Review
  • Custom Stocking Options
  • No More Frustration

So What’s Next ?

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Become Our Partner

The LGI® Never Out™ application process is easy and only requires a few steps to determine the overall scope. These steps include:

  • Cost analysis of current processes (TOTAL SOFT COSTS ASSOCIATED WITH CURRENT PURCHASES)
  • Cost analysis of current purchases (TOTAL HARD COSTS ASSOCIATED WITH CURRENT PURCHASES)
  • Determine products to be supplied
  • Attain related usage information
  • Highlight any Special Stock items required for inventory
  • Determine level/frequency of service required
  • Determine storage required.
  • Establish price list
  • Finalize Service Agreement

Receive a FREE MRO Inventory evaluation.

We’ll provide a detailed report of how much you could save with the LGI® Never Out™ program!

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